Our Mission

Creating Awareness for Underprivileged Student Empowerment

There may be many different ways to contribute to the underserved communities of the world, but the most powerful yet underestimated way is to empower underprivileged kids around the world with proper access to learning opportunities and foster kid-to-kid interactions across the globe. “CAUSE” intends to create awareness among kids in the local schools and communities in the United States to address the educational challenges and the scarcity of learning resources for the underprivileged kids globally. We hope to expand this project in the future to address hunger and health challenges as well.

“CAUSE” has an immediate goal of educating the kids in the local communities in the United States about some of the harsh realities of the world and challenges faced by the underprivileged kids in rural India. We saw the thirst for good education in their eyes, and observed the scarcity for learning resources.

“CAUSE” aims to collect donations in the form of learning resources such as new or used books, new or used gadgets like iPads and calculators and other learning material like magazines; and participate in a uniquely designed “Pen Pal” program connecting each underprivileged kid with a pen pal from a middle or high school in our local community to correspond, ask questions, seek guidance and more importantly see a friend in them.

We request you join our team and serve this noble “CAUSE”. We have a role for each and everyone of you!

Contribute To The Cause

You are invited to express your interest to join our team or contribute to the “CAUSE”.